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Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent Makeup Services...

*Are you certified?
Yes, I am a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist aside from also being a Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Illinois and having my BBP Certification. Also our establishment is licensed under the State of Illinois as a Tattoo Establishment.

*Can I book a PMU (Microblading) service online?
No sorry you can't. But you may book your consultation online at browsbylucy.com  

If you would like to skip the consultation in person, you may fill out our Pre-Screening  Forms online. Once we review it, we will give you a call to be able to book you over the phone.  A Booking Fee will be required.

*Can I get Permanent Makeup done while pregnant?
No sorry you can't? In fact, I don't work with people that...
- are pregnant or nursing
-undergoing chemotherapy
-have a pacemaker or major heart problems
-used accutane in the past year
-skin irritation or psoriasis near the treated area (acne, rash, sunburn, etc.)
-hyper pigmentation
-prone to keloid
-on any blood thinning medication (list of medication on Pre & Post Care page)
-under the age of 18
-certain medication
-allergies to topical anesthetics

*Does it hurt?
I have had mixed reviews on this. Everyone has a different pain tolerance but a topical anesthetic is applied before and during the treatment to help alleviate the pain.

*How many colors do you have for Permanent Makeup Brows?
I have many different colors. The pigments used in these methods have been formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them.The results are natural, flawless, fuller looking brows.

*Do you work with previous eyebrow tattoos?
Yes I have, but prefer not to. It all depends on the shape and how saturated the color of the previous brow tattoo is. Color should be 90% faded in order to be able to do my techniques. I DO NOT do color correction. Removal may be suggested. (Removal Service Now Available)

*What is your availability for Permanent Makeup?
Well as many of you know, not only do I perform Cosmetic Tattooing but I have also been in threading business for the past 17 years, and have a high volume of threading clients so I only have specific times for PMU. No weekend times available or anything passed 3:00 pm during the week.

*Do you take walk ins for these procedures?

Absolutely NOT! These appointments are booked in advanced. 

*How long does this procedure take?
The full procedure takes about two hours.

*How long does PMU Brows last?
All PMU Brows procedures require a color boost annually in order to keep the color looking fresh.
Please be advised that two or more appointments may be necessary to achive the desired look and complete most permanent make-up procedures depending on each persons skin. (Additional fees may apply)

*Will 3D Hair Strokes (Microblading) work well for me?
If you have excessively oily skin, 3D Hair Strokes may not work well for you but I would be happy to do it for you as long as you have realistic expectations. Your skin consistency of producing oils will cause the hair strokes to heal with a diffused, softer look. Your end results will look more powdered than you would expect. If 3D Hair Strokes don't work we can suggest Ombré Brows.

All procedures will be broken into 2 payments.  Follow up appointments are 8-12 weeks after first session. Past the 12 week mark, it will be considered an annual color boost. A $75 Booking Fee will be needed in order to complete your first appointment. The Booking Fees will be credited toward the procedure fee. Cash payment only at time of service.

Booking Fees are non-refundable!
A minimum of 48 hour in advance notice for reschedule is mandatory or you will be asked to leave another Booking Fee in order to reschedule.
For more policies please visit our policy page.

Read Pre-Care prior to booking.